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Digital Sales & Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new frontier for generating new leads, new sales and new raving fans!
Elevate your brand and increase your reach and sales with today's digital sales and marketing techniques.



Boosting sales and digital marketing is the key to business success by reaching wider audiences and working for you twenty-four-seven.
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Capture Today's Consumers
with Digital Content

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We generate content that speaks to your target audience and deliver it where they go for social interaction and information.

Our goal is to increase your investment by 3X in new leads and sales, using today's digital marketing techniques.

Digital doesn't need to be difficult.
We're here to help you get there!

Image of a cell phone with the IWG logo and the words "Digital Sales & Marketing Program"

Digital Sales
& Marketing

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This is a Common Problem...

Content creators, like yourself, know that traditional marketing channels have been changing rapidly over the last decade and moving towards a new digital reality.  Businesses need to adapt their marketing to try and reach audiences who are spending more time online than ever before.  As well, online purchases continue to grow exponentially and trying to capture the attention of shoppers is challenging. With over 5 billion users on social media (out of 8 billion people in the world), the way for businesses to advertise and market has also changed.  Affiliate marketing is one of the solutions; the digital equivalent to commission sales people.

Technology is making it easier, for anyone with an online audience to become a virtual sales representative for business around the world and to earn income.  It also makes it less obvious that you are selling something.  Creating content, whether it is educational or entertainment in nature, requires your time, energy and investment.  There are many ways you can monetize your efforts, but affiliate marketing is one of the easiest methods.


  • Adding affiliate marketing to your revenue stream is easy and effortless.

  • Most consumers today do not even realize they are supporting your creative efforts when they click online advertising and make purchases.  It is a subtle way to generate extra income.

  • Once you add affiliate marketing to your efforts, it continues to work for you, generating passive income month after month.


For business owners, affiliate marketing is a risk-free method of generating new income from new audiences they might not have had the ability to reach before.  They are more than happy to reward new sales (by paying a commission) to those that help bring new business to them.

For creators, it is a simple, effective way to earn new income from their efforts.  It requires no financial investment, no minimum sales, and very little effort to implement, but can add immensely to their annual earnings.  You've done the hard work to build your brand and audience, now turn that to your advantage.

...with a Simple Solution!

IWG Corporate Services has a solution for both business owners and creators, like yourself.

The IWG Corporate Services Affiliate Program.

IWG Corporate Services offers a Digital Sales and Marketing Program to make it easy for business owners to step into the digital arena and score big gains in reaching their desired target markets with compelling content that brings them leads, new customers and sales!

The IWG Digital Sales & Marketing Team has the capability and experience to create compelling digital assets (static and video content) for your business and utilizes special software that allows us to schedule, monitor and measure your social media and digital marketing strategies.

We also help you with the creation of landing pages, pop-up lead forms, implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to track your new leads and convert them to new sales, and raving customers!  We can also set up automated email campaigns to keep new and existing clients up to date on all your latest news and offerings.

Finally, if you operate an eCommerce site, we can potentially set up an Affiliate Marketing Program that finds social influencers and affiliate marketers that can promote your products and services to their audiences (further boosting your reach and sales) for a commission.

4 Steps to Success in Digital

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Step 1: Digital Assets Created.

We create digital content & dynamic videos

Create Digital Content geared towards your target markets (including video assets).

Post in Social Media channels and/or Email Campaigns to generate exposure and drive traffic to a Landing Page.

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Step 2: Landing Page with Offer.

Content drives people to your landing page


Create a Landing Page with special offer or detailed information.

Install a Pop-Up Form on this page to capture information from potential leads for follow up.

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Step 3: Form Captures Leads.

Capture lead information with a pop-up form


Engage prospects with Digital Content (lead magnets) or Special Offers to try or buy your products & services.

Most of this can be automated to happen once they complete the Pop-Up Form..  Their contact info allows you to build Brand Trust with subsequent automated Email Campaigns.

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Vector Image of a 100 dollar bill
Vector Image of a 100 dollar bill
Vector Image of a 100 dollar bill
Step 4: Make More Money.

Follow up your leads for new sales and revenues


Start gathering New Sales & Customers through digital marketing.

Ensure to keep them informed with newsletters and email campaigns designed to keep them interested in your offerings.

Going Digital doesn't need to be Difficult!

It starts with knowing your target market: After clearly defining your target audience and learning their demographics, your story is tailored to the digital channels they use.

A shotgun approach is not recommended, whereas a custom message for each audience delivers better results for your brand and

We Help You:

• Discover your ideal target audiences & their demographics.
• Define your UPS (Unique Selling Proposition) or “Why?”
• Develop a Brand Story to set yourself apart from competition.
• Establish your Brand Voice for each demographic and social
   media channels to be heard by your audiences loud & clear!
• Create video content to capture attention and deliver your
   Brand Promise in a way that works best on social media.
Reach & communicate with customers where they want you to.
Boost sales with social media that directs customers to your
   own website or landing pages when they are ready.
• Establish a regular Social Media content calendar
• Gain organic growth and followers on social media channels.
Capture leads information for follow up when you implement       a CRM or email marketing software.
Increase your brand awareness & sales

NOTE: Results vary with each unique business. We work with each owner to create the best possible outcomes for their goals and needs.

Statistics on Video Content


of marketers see video as a "very important" part of their marketing strategy.


of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.


of Social media users who follow brands, interact with those brands on social media.

Our Services


Discover your USP and Target Markets

All successful marketing starts by knowing your "Why?"

If you haven't figured out your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) we'll help you.

Then, you need to identify your Target Markets and research their Demographics.


Create Digital Content and video

Digital Content can be Social Media posts, downloadable Lead Magnets, or exciting Videos to communicate your Brand Messaging to your desired audiences.

The best content should provide valuable knowledge or entertainment to your viewers.


Manage your Social Media Postings

Managing multiple social media channels can be difficult & time-consuming.  We use specialized software to manage your post schedule, monitor responses and measure the effectiveness of your campains.

Use your time to manage other business related tasks.


Analyze Your Digital Performance

We help define your business and sales goals and measure where you're currently at, to establish KPI baselines.  We tailor your campaign to achieve your goals and use software to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts, complete with regular reports


Set up Automated Email Campaigns

When posting content, it's important to send your audience to a landing page (or your website) where a pop-up form can capture the contact information of those interested in your offerings.

You can then send them an automated email campaign to build Brand Trust.


Implement Affiliate Marketing Progtram

Once you have a solid digital marketing campaign up and running, you can expand into affiliate marketing.  This is where you offer a commission to influencers and your clients who refer new business to you.

If you have an ecommerce website, this may be an option for you.

Your Digital Marketing Team

Working to bring you more exposure, leads and sales with Digital Marketing.

IWG Corporate Services has a team with a wide-range of business experience, from HR, Strategic Corporate Planning, Accounting & Bookkeeping and more.

Our Digital Marketing Team has decades of experience in sales & marketing dedicated to providing effective solutions for your business.

Jason netherton - 2022-11-15 .jpg

CEO and Partner

Jason Netherton, CLU


Image of team member Scott McKinnon

Marketing & Branding Director

Scott McKinnon


Rhys - Cropped Image.jpg

Digital Sales Coordinator

Rhys Netherton



"Executive Solutions to Corporate Challenges."

IWG Corporate Services color LOGO

IWG Corporate Services is a versatile multi-family office, based in the Okanagan region, providing professional services to business owners in Western Canada and beyond.

Our in-house team of seasoned professionals, offer outsourcing solutions in all departments of business operations.  We are here to simplify your life.

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"Executive Solutions to Corporate Challenges"

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